Man, organisation and machine

« Through his ingenuity and his capacity to organise, Man is able to transform his environment and shake up history like no other living being on the planet.

My work revolves around these notions of power, organisation, and the balance of power that man maintains with his environment.

Conceived, constructed and painted in an industrial fashion, these sculptures are assemblies of manufactured elements, just like a collection of Lego pieces, which are found the same all over the world. This approach aims to welcome sculpture a little more into our daily lives.

The machine lies at the heart of the work, communicating a sense of the inventiveness of Man, the driving force behind his constant quest for convenience. The machine evokes the desire for power, represent the acceleration of exploding consumption, and also recall the importance of the traces that we can leave on history through a form of recycling and a certain monumentality.

As monuments, these sculptures embody the power of Man and his ability to mould even the most robust of materials. They are part of an approach of recycling and understanding.

All of these works are designed and produced while keeping in mind the environment in which they will be installed.  As for colour, it seeks to burst out of life’s chromatic landscape.  »

Laurent Berbach

Born  in 1974, Laurent Berbach trained as an economist. His career led to him attending the Ecole des arts d’Ixelles and the Beaux-Arts de Paris.

Since 1998 he has devoted himself to painting and collage, focusing on current affairs (the USA elections, reality television, etc.).  However, for several years now Elbe has been blossoming as Laurent assembles structures using metal parts from the car and construction industries.